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Red Box Games Norse warband

Posted on July 7, 2015 at 8:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Another quick update here. I've finally finished the little warband of RBG Norse warriors I've been working on so here they are in all their glory.

Red Box Games Norse

Posted on June 27, 2015 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Just a quick update again. I started work on some RBG Norse types last week and have the first 4 done. These have been a nice change from the uniformity of the Forge World stuff I did previously but they're equally time consuming to paint. There are a few more to do next week as well. Bases are all resin.

Forge World Solar Auxillia finished

Posted on June 21, 2015 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Well here we are, squad done! These took a little bit longer than I'd hoped but I'm pleased with the end result. I wanted something that looked gritty and industrial and the bare metal armour brings that out nicely I reckon. These are really good models and I'm sure they could be used for all manner of things besides 40K. One little detail that's quite nice is the compressor on their back packs which has the bellows at different stages of compression from one model to the next. 

Next in the queue are some more RBG models which will be a nice change.

Forge World Solar Auxilia

Posted on June 14, 2015 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (0)

This past week I’ve been busy working on a Solar Auxilia Veletaris Storm Section from Forge World. Now I’ve heard plenty of shitty things said about Forge World stuff over the years, miscasts, excessive gating and damaged items being the main issues I recall. So when I settled down to start work on these models I was a little apprehensive. Turns out they were fine though. The castings were pretty good and everything went together reasonably well. There were three minor breakages but seeing as these were not sent to me direct from FW I can’t hold that against them. One model had part of the shoulder rail missing but that was a fairly easy fix with a bit of metal rod and some putty. The other two models had the speaker/lamp thing on the left hand side of their back packs broken off. Another easy fix to pin them back on although there was a moments panic when I realised only one piece was rattling around the packet they came in! Thankfully I had a spare piece after discovering that the comms trooper needed his removing to fit the aerial to his back pack. All was good then.


I’ve not followed FW’s output for a while and I’m really not up to date with GW either so these models are something quite different for me considering where they’re from. I think they’re great though and have a hint of steam punk, Fallout and even a touch of Bioshock about them. They could be shoe horned into all manner of backgrounds.


I was hoping to have more of the section done by now but a combination of underestimating how time consuming they were going to be plus a week of not getting enough sleep just worked against me. So here they are so far, half a section ready to have their bases painted.


Pulp, Oldhammer & a little Cap'n A

Posted on June 5, 2015 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

The last few models I’ve painted up have been an interesting mix of different things. I finished off the pulp Nazis from Pulp Figures (not sure who makes the Red Skull), painted up an old Citadel Thrud the Barbarian and did a 35mm Captain America from Knight Models. All were great fun to work on.

Infinity and some pulp

Posted on May 30, 2015 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (0)

So, as ever I’ve somewhat neglected my blog in favour of Facebook so some of what I’ve got to show here may have already been seen. Anyway, I’ll kick off with the last job that I finished during the past week, some more Infinity stuff. A handful of Nomads and a couple of civilians

 A squad of Hellcats. The shoulder insignia are over painted decals. I originally left it at just the Nomad emblem on the left shoulder but it seemed like there was something missing. I decided to scan the Hellcat emblem on the blister card and add that to the other shoulder and did the job. I always over paint my home made decals as they aren’t the best resolution and the colours just aren’t bold enough.

Next is an Intruder (clearly a sniper) and a Reverend Custodier… no idea when it comes to Infinity so it’s just a cool model to me.

Finally there are two civilians. Love the corporate type with her hidden briefcase SMG. Gogo Marlene appears to be a singer. The client wasn’t too sure about the yellow clothing of the studio paint job but when I came to paint the model I couldn’t get the yellow out of my mind. I didn’t want to use red or blue as that might tie in too closely with one of the factions I’d done. So I stuck with the yellow but decided to go for pink hair to really play up the J-Pop style of the model.

I also started work on my next job which is a few pulp items. More evil Nazi types to go with a set that I painted some time ago (and had completely forgotten I’d done!). They’re Bob Murch sculpts and have been a real joy to do, especially after the more labour intensive Infinity pieces. The Red Skull is by another sculptor but I’m not entirely sure who. Just two more of these black clad fellas to do and then onto a Knight Models Captain America and an old school Citadel Thrud.


A little Crooked Dice

Posted on May 11, 2015 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Not much I can show from last week but there is a nice pair of characters from Crooked Dice that can be shown. Hugo Solomon, a new model for me and another Plucky Assistant this time with a different colour scheme. I'm sure nobody is thinking 'Doctor Who' right now. ;)




And that's my lot! I've got some Copplestone Castings Tupi archers to paint next so I'd better get on with them!

Oldhammer & Gierburg

Posted on May 3, 2015 at 12:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Admittedly I’ve been somewhat lax on the blogging front these past few weeks but I have been busy painting as anyone who follows me on Facebook will know. First of all I’ve just finished a commission for another set of old Citadel models that are part of a warband I started painting a little while back. A nice mix of different characters and even an orc! He’s supposed to be a half orc though, hence the tan brown skin tone rather than green. I actually used some old 1980’s Citadel Orc Brown to paint his skin so that was a real step back in time. Not sure who makes the dog but he fits in quite nicely.

And here’s the first half of the warband as a reminder for anyone who doesn’t remember where this started.

Next up, some highwaymen done for Cianty’s Gierburg. It’s a fantastic project that Cianty has been working on for a while now and is something I wish I had time to do myself (although I’d want to depict Rackham’s Cadwallon!). The first pair are from Foundry and the rest are all Outpost Wargame Services models.

I painted the dismounted versions of these OWS models some time ago. I won't post pics here as the models are spread between several images but you can check them out in my Gierburg gallery.

Next in the queue to be done are some Crooked Dice models and then a few other odds and ends until I get back to some of the larger commissions I’ve got on the go. As ever, little time for my own projects but I am occasionally getting to put a bit of paint on my models. I’m not going to show any WIPs though as more often than not that’s how they stay until the models get cleared off my desk and put back in a box! If I ever finish anything then I’ll show it.

Digging up my old Rackham stuff

Posted on April 12, 2015 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Well it's been another week of work I can't show yet so I've decided to delve into my meagre collection of models and photographs for a little something. I've been on a bit of a Rackham kick all week having grabbed a few bargains off Ebay and found a few more copies of Cry Havoc I was after (not quite bargain prices on these though!).


It took a few years for me to come around to Rackham's stuff so it was Christmas 2003 when I finally bought some Lions of Alahan models (I had painted a few Rackham models previously though but not for myself). I painted a few pieces as time went by but never got a full warband finished. I've bought most of my collection since Rackham went tits up (a travesty but their own bloody fault - PPP FFS!) and now have quite a pile of metal. I'd love to get some of it painted but anyone who tries to follow my own personal projects will know how that tends to turn out!


Anyway, here's a few photo's of what little I have painted. The first is a Griffin Icon Bearer that I did mid 2003 and is the first Rackham piece I painted. This must be my first attempt at NMM too as I was trying to emulate the studio paint jobs. It's not bad but the effect doesn't quite work. This is the original photo I took back then as I no longer have the model.

Next is a Wolfen warrior, again the original photo from a little later in 2003. Another piece I no longer have. The NMM on the blades was rushed just to get it done.

Then there is a Bard of Alahan which I painted for myself. Still not quite got the hang of NMM here. This was the start of my warband and was done early 2004. A few months after doing this my job with Griffin Miniatures came to an end after they almost went under (again!) and this piece was sold on Ebay.

Then we're onto a few models that I still own and have re-photographed. There are a set of Reapers of Alahan. The first (the green coat and grey hair) was painted sometime in 2004 the other two were done very early in 2005 after a brief hiatus from painting. It was a real struggle to get the hang of the brushes again I recall even though I'd only had a couple of months off. I think the blue coat and white breeches is my favourite colour scheme of these. Still faffing around with the NMM too.

Next is a Falconer of Alahan that I think I did in 2004. I spent ages getting the layering on the coat to be as smooth as possible (bloody insanity looking back on how I used to work) but it really lacks depth. The falcon was a pain in the arse to both paint and attach.

Alahel the Messenger was painted in 2006 I think. An online retailer was having a painting contest and I decided to enter in the hope of winning a gift voucher or something. I didn't win anything. After this piece I decided to pack in the NMM as I just couldn't get my head around it.

Finally there's a set of Guards of Alahan I did a few years ago. Not quite sure exactly when but sometime after 2009. These have already been shown in my gallery but the pics look a bit crap as I was going through a phase of Photoshopping the models onto backgrounds. A lot of messing around to do that properly and I don't care for it anymore so this is a nice new photo. Metallics here instead of NMM. I cut a few corners on these and my metallics are better now I reckon. If I ever get to a point where all of my other guards are painted (yeah, right!) then these might get redone. In fact all of these models might get redone to some extent one day to match any future paint jobs.

And that's that!


RBG Aenglish Warband

Posted on April 4, 2015 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (0)

It's taken a while to get all of these done but it's satisfying to see them finished at last. I did make the mistake of leaving a few of the more detailed pieces till last which meant they started to feel like a bit of a drag but I really wanted to plough on and finish the job. I've painted most of these models as part of previous commissions although there are a few new ones to me. I'm particularly fond of the slightly porky guy with the mace. Great bit of character in that piece, especially the face. Nice to have another stab at the lantern bearing monk although no lighting effect this time. Really nice model but one that took longer to finish than hoped.

I should point out for anyone who hasn't been following this commission that the shield design is based on a decal rather than being true freehand. I've hand painted a similar design in the past on an Aenglish footman's shield but with so many models needing the same emblem here I needed to ensure that I could reproduce it accurately. A great way to do that is to paint over a decal. I found a suitable image online, printed it off on clear decal paper and applied that to the shield. I then just painted over it. The decal is completely covered and looks very much like freehand.